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FX Fusion

FX Fusion Newport Tropics Untucked Shirt

FX Fusion Newport Tropics Untucked Shirt

The vibrant and tropical-inspired untucked shirt, designed to bring a burst of color and exotic charm to your wardrobe.

> This untucked short sleeve shirt features a lively and eye-catching design inspired by the luch beauty of tropical landscapes. with vibrant color palette and intricate patterns, including playful parrots, exotic flowers and luch foliage, this shirt instantly transports you to a sunny paradise.

> Wheather you're lounging by the pool, exploring tropical destinations, or simply embracing the island vibe wherever you are, the parrot paradise untucked shirt is your go-to choice for adding a touch of tropical charm and vibrant personality to your wardrobe.

* Short Sleeve Shirt
* Untucked Shirts
* Big and Tall Untucked Shirt
* Pocket
* 100% Cotton
* Machine Wash Cold

Product Code: M5325XLTT

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