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Ballin/Gala Comfort"EZE" Performance Dress Pant -5 Colours

Ballin / Gala Comfort-"EZE" Performance Dress Pant

Elevate your wardrobe with EZE Performance dress pant the epitome of timeless sophistication and versatility.

> Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these pants seamlessly blend style and comfort for a polisyhed look that transcends trends.

> Whethe you're heading to the office, a formal event, or a special occasion, these dress pants effortlessly adapt to various dress codes, making them a versatile staple in your wardrobe.

> Order yours today and step out with confidence in attire that speaks volumes about your refined taste.

* Flat front
* Wool/ Polyester/ Elastane fabric
* Machine wash cold, dry flat
* Big and Tall Dress Pant
* Big and Tall London' Menswear

Product Code: M325038BK

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