How to Dress Well When You're a Portly Man

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Most men think because they are overweight that they cannot dress fashionably. This is entirely untrue, as just because you are overweight does not mean you have to dress poorly. These tips will help portly men select clothing options that will have them looking and feeling great!

Step 1 - Accept Your Body Weight

First things first, when buying portly men’s clothing you need to make peace with your current size, even if you want to lose weight. It is important to purchase clothing items that fit your current weight, not the weight that you wish to be at.

Step 2 - Wear Clothes That Fit You

Do not wear portly clothing that fit you six months ago if you have gained or lost weight since then. Portly clothing that is too tight draws attention to the fact that it doesn't fit, which only emphasizes curves. Clothing that is over-sized won't help make you look any smaller either, it most often makes you look larger. It is important that you choose portly men’s clothing that fits your current size. In order to ensure you are wearing the size that best flatters your current weight, you may want to consider professional tailoring. Buying pants and shirts that are baggy look sloppy, and can add unnecessary bulk to your appearance.

Step 3 - Try Wearing Vertical Stripes and Straight Leg Pants

When buying clothing for portly men, vertical stripes create a great vertical line that will leave you looking leaner. Just make sure that the stripes are well proportioned to your body, as some patterns can make you look bigger. Another tip when purchasing portly clothing is to buy a straight leg pant that is as wide on the bottom as they are on the thigh. This avoids a V-shaped look that can cause your midsection looks much bigger.

Step 4 - Don't Add Extra Bulk

Portly men should avoid hoodies with front pouches, bulky sweaters, or cargo pants with a lot of pockets. These bulky clothing items will only make you look bigger. If you need to bundle up in order to stay warm, the staff at Big & Tall London's Menswear recoomend purchasing clothing items made from natural materials, as these will keep you warm without weighing you down.

Step 5 - Invest in an Awesome Bag

If you often find yourself carrying a large wallet, cell phone, key ring, PDA, writing utensils, or a pad of paper, you may want to consider purchasing a stylish messenger bag or briefcase to help you lighten your load. This will avoid adding extra weight to your waist line and will create a very professional look for portly men.

Step 6 - Wear an Undershirt

Undershirts are a great portly clothing option. Not only do they keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, they also help to avoid sweat-seepage through your shirt.

Bonus Tip - Having Trouble Tucking in Your Shirt?

If your portly men’s shirts are difficult to tuck in, you can solve this problem by purchasing shirts that are labelled tall. Put your shirt on first, and then your pants in order to avoid blousing out of your shirt, and also avoid tucking your shirt in too tight. As well, portly men should always wear a belt that is wide and thick in order to keep their shirt securely in place.


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